With the progression of the technology, the working ability and functional properties of the laptops, smartphones and other technological equipment are being developed too. World wide recognized brands have started manufacturing their brands to cope up with the trends. In this post, I will show the some of the top and best laptops brands that are dominating the current world.


Microsoft Corporation which is an American company, develops various licensed hardware and software products. Microsoft is considered as the biggest producer of PCs. They have released Microsoft windows among which Windows 10 is the latest which is build for faster and quicker performance. These manufacturers have released a valued product, a surface laptop which has a keyboard covering with the Alcantara fabric, fast charging property and the display of PixelSense. You will find this laptop very light and slim. The battery life time is around 14 hours which is pretty good.


Acer is regarded as one of the best laptops due to some of its unique features. The most unique property in this laptop is the presence of 1080p or the aluminum designs. The most pleasing aesthetics are possessed by only Acer’s laptops. Among the all laptop products, Swift, Spin, Aspire, Nitro, Aspire E and Acer One are quite impressive. Swift laptops have several versions like Swift 7, Swift 5, Swift 3, and this laptop is very thin which is the unique and impressive feature of the Swift laptops while Spin has the features like advanced design and strong innovation having the main version Spin7 and Spin3. Another fantastic product, Switch is a balanced laptop as well as a tablet. Among them Nitro is outstanding and best laptop for its dramatic performance in gaming. Because of their various supplied products and configuration, Acer is considered as one of the best laptops.


Apple laptop, manufactured by the famous multinational company Apple Inc., is one of the most expensive laptops in this era though the price can vary with the graphics, RAM, size and other features. The huge size of this laptop has a larger disk storage and shows a better performance. The iOS in these laptops are completely optimized and the RAM can range from 4GB to 16GB. Among the released brands, most of them show impressive performance like Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A Laptop, Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-inch MPXQ2HN/A Laptop, Apple MacBook Pro MPTT2HN/A Laptop, Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch ME866HN/A Laptop and so on. Because of the variety of brands and the products, Apple is regarded as one of the best laptops.


Lenovo is considered as one of the best laptop brands which comes with the laptops on the basis of priorities. Laptops of high performance are designed for the gamers, professionals and the creators. This laptop is portable, and you can carry this laptop with you wherever you want to go. There are several features and products of this brand and each of them has unique value and unique performance.


For gaming performance and upgraded motherboard system Asus is the best laptop. Among the products issued by Asus, Zenbook series, VivoBook series, Republic of gamers, EeeBook series, ZenBook Deluxe series, ZenBook Flip series and Asus gaming series. The ZenBook series are very thin and have light weight. The Republic of gamers is the world’s best gaming laptop for its high performance.


Dell, an American company that sells computers, data storage, laptops, servers as well as computer peripherals, are configured with the latest technologies which meet the demands of all business and simplify to handle any task. The popular brands that this company supply, are – Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, XPS-Performance. Among all of it Inspiron laptops are build with proper care and the latest technologies. You can get 3000, 5000, 7000, Ubuntu 3000 and 7000 gaming laptop series.

1.Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard, also called HP, is the largest company of computers and electronics. The products are loaded with all quality and powerful features and the most recent laptop 2 in 1 is thin and light and also provides a good battery support. HP Spectre premium 360 is an ultra-thin designed laptop which is handy. HP Elitebook and ProBook is excellent for using in official purpose due to its speed and power. The battery life can be up to 11 hours and the storage can be maximum 1 TB. Because of the performance and the quality, HP is considered as the best laptop brand in the world.