Many designers now face a common challenge though they are expert in creating eye catchy websites, they need to maintain their professional lives in an efficient way. A successful web designer must manage their websites to expand their business besides making an attractive design. In fact, a web designer can’t limit his work in making designs. If you want to become a successful web designer, you need to possess some sets of traits and characteristics. Acquiring these skills need passion, strong willingness and practice. You must stick to your plans.

In this post, I will share 10 tips to become a successful web designer.

1.Learn Visual design and designing software

To be a successful web designer, you need to acquire several designing knowledge and visual design is one of them. Visual design will target on digital products. It can range from typography to color theory, to grid systems. It deals with the web fonts as well as the pattern of the color. Try to learn the basic of Photoshop, illustrator and other graphic designing software which will help you to create mockup, logo and image designing and so on.

2.Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Nowadays, no company expect a web designer who doesn’t know coding. That’s why to become a successful web designer, you must acquire this skill. You can control your whole website once you master these skills. You also need to learn CSS to control the color pattern, change of fonts, background and so on. If you are confused where to start to learn web designing, then learning HTML, CSS at the beginning is the best. After learning all of these, try to study advanced JavaScript.

3.Don’t be a graphic designer

Web designing is completely different from graphic designing. Everyone might tell you to do an attractive web design for your website but to do that, you don’t need to be a graphic designer. It is better to have knowledge in operating some graphic designing software. For the success in this sector, try to master yourself in web designing.

4.A focused design

A random and confused design won’t help you to create a attractive design. Stay focused. If you want to decorate your website with a specific design, then do it. Don’t change your targeted design.

5.A good portfolio

A good portfolio will help you to fetch clients and orders. It is great to show them what you have done. But before stepping on this step, make sure you are master on programming tools and some excellent web designing site.

6.Good communicative skill

Good communicative skill is the first and most important skill that must be possessed if you want to become a successful web designer. Because you must need to communicate with your client, director, or developer which can indicate the success of your project.

7.Grasp the updated technology

World of technology is updated every day. A web designer should update himself as well if he wants to survive in this competitive market. He must discover what is new out there. Otherwise, your competitor will take away your business from you.


Experience will teach you a lot of things. You will find many difficulties in the beginning of your learning. You need to solve these difficulties and problems, if you want to become a successful web designer and this is how experience will make you an expert. Try to work with a company or try to work as a web designer in online market.

9.Work in a smart way with your clients

Be conscious with your price. Watch the experts, their salary, their position, their resume everything. For example, if I show you 2 bananas and one of the bananas has the price of $5 and another one has $40. You will think there is something wrong with the first banana. That’s why I am telling you to be smart on your business.

10.Don’t give up

To become a successful web designer, never give up. You will stumble at many steps that I have discussed here. Always remember behind every successful man, there is a lot of unsuccessful years. Maintain your consistency, and you will shine one day.