Aster software is a perfect example of ring topology. You will find a server PC to control other PCs. Through ASTER, we will have one server PC to connect to other PCs or systems. We need a monitor or keyboard as per the requirement.

Multiseat or ASTER is the perfect solution for this covid-19 situation. Where all the maintenance is challenging as the PC parts are not that much available. We need fewer things to maintain the whole system. To set up the entire system, we need to install ASTER on the server PC. We will create multiple users as much we require for the office, school, or other industrial use from the server PC. After that, we will need the monitor, keyboard for the other PCs. There is no hassle in maintaining a separate pc or laptop for the individual user. The main advantage of ASTER is-

  • No hassle of maintaining a particular PC.
  • Less dust as the number of cables will be less.
  • Calm environment as there will be no CPU.
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8 as well as windows 10 latest version.
  • Less costly.
  • No internet connection is required (only for ASTER).
  • Fewer electricity bills.

ASTER is the solution of breaking the old school rules to maintain separate PC for separate Users. But there are some drawbacks also,

  • The server needs to be kept very carefully and regularly as this will control other PCs.
  • If the server PC is down, then the whole system will also get down.
  • Any software bug can hamper the entire work environment.


Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, we can say that ASTER is pretty much future proof for our country and the whole world because it will bring the world in the palm of your hand only by reducing the price segment for workplaces. This will reduce the resource required to operate a big office or industry at an enormous level.

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