There are several problems made by web developers for which sometimes they are unable to find any solutions. These website problems are very common in beginners and even sometimes experienced web developers create these common website problems.

Web development is a complex work to do as it involves handling many technical software languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, PHP, AJAX, SQL and so on. Creating some problems when working with these types of languages is very normal. If you are a beginner, then don’t be frustrated and disappointed, I am here for you. I will show you the most common website problems that web developers make. You can easily get struck due to these problems and can easily get rid of it in a very short time.

1.Poor Visual Design

This is the first problem that web developers make. The problem is very acute in the beginner developers. Using a poor visual design has a negative impact on the visitor’s mind and thus they say Good Bye to the web site. Websites with very light horror greenish color, or light horror pinkish color is very disturbing for the readers as well as for the visitors. Try to use a good color combination that make your eyes comfortable. Besides, remember to use a good graphics, images and logos. Good images will have a positive impact on visitor’s mind and they will probably start liking your website. Try to update your websites with the modern world and technology.

2.Page loading speed is too slow

Yes. None of us want to stay on a page that takes too much time to load. Even I don’t like to stay on a page that takes more than 8 seconds to load. It is so annoying. Most of the web developers don’t understand this that why their page speed is so low and even it is an acute website problem. This website problem may be overcome by uploading the files that have lower size such as images, videos or pdfs. You can use several file crunching software like, this is very useful and effective. Huge files are very bad for your website. So, try to insert low size files to overcome this website problem.

3.Poor quality content

Always keep it in your mind that content is the most useful material in your website. A high-quality content can boost your website much more quickly and in effective way. You will find that the websites of many companies are filled with poor content. Take the chance. You can their weakness as your strength. Poor quality content will never rank up your website, rather google may eliminate your content from their search engine. It is a common website problem that web developers make. Try to improve the quality of your content and even your website is not ready, you should write some unique, beautiful and flawless content to attract visitors. We don’t want to read a content full of grammatical errors and meaningless, right?

4.Hard to navigate

Another website problem is the lack of proper direction. Due to this lacking, it becomes more complex to navigate inside the website. We want to stay on a website that is easier to handle and easier to navigate. Web developers should not make their websites too tough to navigate because there might be some pages in a site which are more important than others. To overcome this problem, you can separate your important pages and posts, and make them more famous in your navigation tab.


It is also a common problem that web developers make easily. At the beginning you may start with a very simple message which is also your main message. But after some years, you will have several varieties of windows which will be wrestling for both space as well as direction. This can be a serious headache for the visitors and they can easily be distracted from your major message. The solution to get rid of this website problem is to sort out your priorities.


There are hundreds of professional and smart hackers waiting out there to deliver malware to your sites. Either your website is rich, attractive or poor and ugly, they are important assets for those hackers. Sites having even zero value, no credit card information or no confidential information can be targeted by hackers to deliver viruses to the visitors. Thus, they can easily affect the visitors as well as their experiences in your websites. Even your websites can get blocked by the visitors.

These are the most common and acute problem that web developers make more often and the solution is also discussed. If you have further inquiry, then let me know in the comment section. But firstly, make sure that you have solved these 6 website problems I have discussed above.