Developing a website is neither so easy nor so tough. You have to be consistent and must practice. If you really want to learn about web development and want to be a qualified web developer, then I must congratulate you because you have chosen the greatest option.

In this post I will share 10 best ways to learn about web development with you but before I start sharing it, you should remember that you must maintain the consistency and you must practice. You won’t be a professional web developer overnight. So, patience is also necessary. So, let me assume that you don’t have any previous experiences of web development and even you don’t know how to do it.

1.Learn some basics about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python

There are two type of web developers. Frontend developers and Backend developers. Frontend developers deal with the design, fancy and layout of the websites that create UX. Frontend developing technologies are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, On the other hand, Backend developers are logical thinker and great at problem solver. Backend developer needs to be expert on PHP and Python mainly.

2.Start a website

After learning about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python, start making a website. Yes. It may seem odd because if I don’t have any experiences, how can I start developing a web? You will find some helpful YouTube video tutorial and through those videos you can at least learn about web development how it works, how to start and so on. You need to develop a website first to step forward in your journey.

3.Read a lot of books and online articles

To learn about web development, you must read a lot of books as well as internet articles which is you are doing right now. Reading doesn’t waste your time, rather it will increase the power of knowledge inside you. Believe me, reading will result in a great outcome.

4.Learn HTLM and CSS properly

HTML is considered as the skeleton structure of a webpage. You can follow w3schools as they have great tutorials on HTML.

5.Apply those designs to your web

Meanwhile, I assume you have acquired some skills in designing. And now it is time to apply them. Make something appealing for your website. The design that you will apply will accelerate your website quality.

6.Follow the pattern of the websites that you love

There are certain some websites that you love most. The design, the pattern, navigation, forms, color, animations, images and spaces. Try to follow those websites because it is always better to follow the superior to qualify ourselves.

7.Start with a colorless website

Great designers always say that start your website without any color because if it works in colorless design, it will be totally flawless in color. It is a good way to start by making some designs in black and white. This is the simplest design that a beginner can start with.

8.Enhance your experience

Try to build up your experiences by solving more critical problems. Always keep it in your mind that once you have started to learn about web development, you will face several problems in the beginning and this is the most important point. Don’t give up. The more critical problems you solve, the more experiences and knowledge you will gain and gradually more expert you will be.

9.Always request for feedback

Remember the knowledge that you learn about web development is crucial. Always request for feedback from your seniors, friends or even from an expert. Their feedback may encourage you or it can help you to overcome the troubles in web development.

10.Don’t stop learning

To learn about web development, you must have the thirst for knowledge in this sector and this is the last one that I will suggest you. Don’t stop yourself from gaining knowledge. Knowledge is powerful and when you will execute it, knowledge will be super powerful. Try to learn new things, because you will be able to combine your new knowledge with older ones to make something new.